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Photo of yellow autumn leaf

Yellow On Red

I love when colors naturally contrast so well in nature. While exploring around Lake Kawaguchiko near Mt Fuji in November, I found this yellow autumn leaf laying on top of a deep red bush. Thanks to the overcast sky, the lighting was perfect for the shot. Personally, I usually prefer overcast skies for shooting autumn colors. There are exceptions, but I’ve found that in the stronger light of a clear day, the colors can get...
Mt Fuji From the Air

Fuji From The Air

During my flight down to Okayama a couple of weeks back, we had the luck of passing by Fuji in clear enough weather to see it. Seeing Fuji from the ground is spectacular enough, but seeing it from the air is something really special. Although I couldn’t see it out of my own window (my seat was on the other side) I was fortunate enough to be on a rather sparse flight, so I rushed...