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Photo of Cherry Blossom petals

Floating Cherry Blossom Petals

This Spring toward the end of cherry blossom season my family was out to pick up some dinner, and as we took a shortcut through a local shrine I saw these petals floating in a little basin that had filled with water. The lighting was working well, and I really liked the color and lines added to the scene by the small net draped across the basin. Of course, these little petals are so light...
Photo of Nezu Shrine in Tokyo

Half Clean at Nezu Jinja

I took this photo back during last Summer at the Nezu Jinja in Tokyo, an area I actually pass through every day in and out of the city. The architecture around this shrine is pretty impressive, and for a lesser known one its grounds are quite expansive. I spent most of my time actually on the outside edges of the grounds, where to me at least the most interesting photographic subjects were located. This water...