Bamboo Forest Post Processing Digital Workshop

Have you ever seen an amazing photo and wondered “how do they do that?” Have you been wanting to take your photos to the next level? Do you want to share photos that show the magic of the scene as you experience it?

Let me show you how in this Post Processing Digital Workshop. In this workshop, I’ll take you from start to finish through the entire post-processing workflow to create an incredible image using a photo from the beautiful bamboo forest of Kyoto, Japan. You’ll learn how to take a lifeless image and turn it into something that truly inspires.

Before After 1400W

In this post processing digital workshop, we’ll cover…

  • Basic edits in Adobe Lightroom

  • Exposure blending using luminosity masks

  • Using adjustment layers to spice up your image

  • Making specific adjustments to your image

  • How to use the “Orton Effect”

This isn’t just a video of me going through my workflow! This is truly a digital workshop. It includes over an hour and a half of content broken up into 7 separate high quality 720p HD videos so you can follow along easily and understand each aspect of the workflow on its own. Here’s a quick sneak peek at a clip from part 3:

This workshop comes with…

  • Seven high quality 720p workshop videos

  • 3 DNG photos from the original scene for you to learn with

  • Lightroom presets for section 1

  • A Photoshop action for creating luminosity masks

This workshop is designed to help you move your photography to the next level. Join me and let’s enjoy the bamboo forest together!

1.9GB Zip File

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