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Photo of Enoshima Japan

Mist of Enoshima

Last week I got together with fellow photographer Anthony Wood and we headed down to Kamakura and Enoshima for some Spring photography. Unfortunately most of the sakura were well past their prime but we still managed to get some shots we enjoyed, I think. When we got to Enoshima (after climbing and descending untold number of stairs) we settled along the rocky coast to shoot Mt Fuji at sunset and in general enjoy the atmosphere...
Photo of the Tokyo Skytree

Skytree Karaoke

Was walking around Asakusa this afternoon, specifically near Sensoji, doing some scouting for a photo shoot I’m hoping to do in the near future. As I was exploring some tiny alleys I came across this scene and thought it was kind of interesting. The alley itself was actually kind of interesting too, full of bikes and various doors going who knows where. Although I wasn’t really there to do any serious shooting (I took most...
Photo of three boats

Three Is The Loneliest Number

I took this photo along the shores of Lake Teganuma in Abiko, Chiba Prefecture. That morning my daughter and I had intended to go up to a different lake for the first sunrise of the year, but ended up missing our train and couldn’t go anywhere to watch the sunrise. So we decided to at least catch the first sunset of the year at Teganuma. It was a lovely sunrise, but perhaps after missing something...

Another Snowy Day and the Nikon J1

I’m a big proponent of not worrying too much about your gear. Just look around the internet and you’ll see why. There are people who have what would be considered low-end cameras and produce amazing photographs, and there are people who have prohibitively expensive cameras and lenses, and take (at least to me) uninspiring, boring photographs. The fact is, contrary to popular belief, cameras do not create photographs. People create photographs – the camera is...
Abstract Photo of Buildings

Squared Off Sky

This photo comes from downtown Tokyo, just up the road from Tokyo Station in fact. It was pretty cloudy this day but at the time there was some light shining through which made for some nice lighting on these buildings. I really like the way the lines work in this shot, and how shaped off the whole thing is. Camera: Nikon D7000 Lens: Nikon 35mm f/1.8G Shot Info: f/9 | 1/125sec | ISO200 | 35mm