Cherry Blossom Photo Adventure

About The Cherry Blossom Photography Adventure

The overall theme of this photography adventure is cherry blossoms. We will be traveling through several prefectures, visiting locations like Tokyo, Kurashiki, Himeji, and more, primarily to see beautiful cherry blossom spots in these areas. However, since there’s much more to see than just the blossoms, we’ll also be visiting other locations that offer great views and opportunities for photography. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to interact with Les during several post-processing sessions throughout the week, as he shows you how to edit your images to take them to the next level. But this adventure is about more than just photography—that’s why it’s called a photography adventure! During our week-long journey, we’ll travel by shinkansen (bullet train), stay in great hotels, enjoy delicious local and seasonal foods, and much more—all included in the price of the tour. (See the cost section below for more details.) This is where the expertise of Japan Travel will especially be felt, as they make sure we get to experience it all in style! This really is a one-of-a-kind trip, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone who loves photography and travel.

About Leslie

Les Taylor is an American photographer with multiple seasons of experience photographing cherry blossoms. Aside from selling prints and licensing many of his images of the sakura, he has also done cherry blossom-based assignments for Japan Travel, and his work has been published in National Geographic Traveler Magazine and Jetstar Magazine. Aside from his experience leading photo tours in the country, Les also has nearly 10 years of experience as a resident of Japan—so not only does he know the country well, but he also speaks Japanese, making him the perfect guide for a photography adventure like this. This is one of Leslie’s favorite times of year to take photos, and he looks forward to sharing this unique experience with you!

Dates & General Schedule

  • Sunday, April 1 || Arrive, meet & greet.
  • Monday, April 2 || Out shooting in Tokyo all day, including some of Leslie’s favorite secret spots. Evening post-processing session.
  • Tuesday, April 3 || Morning shooting in Tokyo, travel to Okayama by shinkansen (bullet train), sunset shooting in Kurashiki.
  • Wednesday, April 4 || Morning shooting in Okayama, afternoon and sunset at special locations. Evening post-processing session.
  • Thursday, April 5 || Sunrise shooting in Okayama, shinkansen to Himeji, afternoon and evening at Himeji Castle.
  • Friday, April 6 || Shinkansen to Tokyo, spend day shooting around Tokyo. Evening post-processing session.
  • Saturday, April 7 || Morning shooting, group adventure ends at noon


The total cost for this 7-day photography adventure is ¥429000+ (~$3800 USD) per person.

This cost covers: all travel during the adventure, all lodging during the adventure, four special meals, guidance and photography instruction by Les Taylor, any necessary entrance fees (e.g. to parks, etc.).

This cost does not cover: travel to and from Japan, daily meals (though we will typically eat together and some may be covered by the hotel stays), souvenirs, unscheduled travel, travel insurance, etc.

Cherry Blossom Disclaimer

It is important to recognize that cherry blossom season is strongly affected by the weather. Although the planned dates for this photography adventure give us the best chance to see the trees at full bloom, it is impossible to guarantee when they will reach full bloom or how long the blossoms will last each year. However, that is the great part about having Leslie as a guide—he knows the areas well, and even without blossoms, the planned locations have great spots to visit and photograph. Leslie will do his absolute best to make sure the adventure group has optimal opportunities for great photos, regardless of the conditions.

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