Commercial Architecture & Interior Photography

My Background In Commercial Architecture & Interior Photography

For my work in landscape and travel photography, I’ve spent a lot of time on the road, traveling to and photographing different locations. Of course, that means I’ve stayed in my fair share of hotels, and I’ve photographed many of these hotels as part of my job. It is through these experiences that I came to have an additional specialty in photographing commercial architecture and interiors. I’ve shot some amazing hotels and resorts, including the Prince Hotel in Tokyo, the Imaihama Tokyu Resort in Shizuoka, and others besides. These experiences have given me both an eye for this style of photography, as well as a passion for making property look its best in photographs.

My Philosophy in Commercial Architecture & Interior Photography

Photographs are among the first things potential customers look for when doing research online. Whether they’re looking to buy a house, book a stay at a hotel or lodge, or rent a space, they want to see what the place looks like before they expend time and energy on an inquiry. With that in mind, it is my aim to put the property in the best light possible. By combining my knowledge of photography equipment and image processing, I am able to create images that flatter the location – images that share both how it looks to the eye, and what it is like to experience it in person. Through this combination of elements, I help potential customers get a better sense of the property, encouraging them to take the next step.

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