About Leslie

My name is Leslie Taylor – I’m a photographer specializing in landscape and travel photography. My interest in photography began in high school when I bought a point and shoot Kodak film camera. Soon thereafter I began taking photography classes using my father’s Canon film SLR and have enjoyed this craft ever since. Currently, I’m a stock photographer as a member of Stocksy United, and have done work for companies including GaijinPot and Japan Travel.  My work has been appeared in publications like National Geographic Traveler and Jetstar Magazine, and I was one of Nikon’s featured photographers as part of their “Nikon 100” celebrations. I offer photography education here on my website through video courses and eBooks, and in person with photography workshops, educational photo tours, and one-on-one sessions.

Currently I live with my wonderful wife (who helps a lot behind the scenes!) and our three children in New Hampshire, USA. Aside from photography, I also enjoy music, as well as theology & philosophy. I’m a big baseball fan (go Sox!) and love cycling too. If you have any questions about anything here on my website, please feel free to contact me here.

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